5th Edition of Bridging The Future set to Train Entrepreneurs on Digital Marketing


Honourz Concepts International, a digital marketing firm that promotes and enhances brands' images and reputations through the provision of professional data-driven digital marketing services and other related digital consulting and advisory services, has launched a special edition of the fifth edition of her yearly project, "Bridging The Future" (BTF 5.2), a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project, to further encourage and support business owners, entrepreneurs, and small businesses.

5th Edition of Bridging The Future set to Train Entrepreneurs on Digital Marketing

This special edition of the Bridging The Future project, titled "A Free 3-day Digital Marketing/Online Media Training for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs," aligns with the United Nations 2030 agenda, specifically goal 8 – Decent Job and Economic Growth, and aims to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

Over the past five (5) years, previous editions of the project have leveraged over 50,000 prospective customers and audience through the power of the internet, social media, and teamwork, by advertising and giving publicity to 30 selected Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), business owners, startups, and entrepreneurs over a 30-day period at no cost.

This training will provide a platform to equip young people or entrepreneurs with little or no knowledge about social media marketing and also harness the power of digital media in their business.

According to the spokesperson of the project, Empress Omonigho Okoghe, “The essence of this special training on social media marketing is basically to educate young entrepreneurs and also teach them how to use the Internet to market and sell their products and services.”

They will also learn how to brand their products and reach a larger audience and prospective clients who may be interested in patronizing or in need of their products and services. 

“The Internet offers a platform to showcase and advertise products they want to sell at any time of the day. We want to teach them how to be strategic with their social media advertisements and also how to create a valuable brand on the internet.

“Every business needs to be online. The world is now digital. Selling and buying is no longer just having a shop by the roadside or in a shopping complex. The internet has come to stay, she said.

Speaking on the importance of the WhatsApp messenger beyond chatting with friends and family members or uploading status updates, Ms. Okoghe stated that, "You can sell goods on your WhatsApp status while also building an influential brand with the Meta company-owned social media platform."

In her words, "my first biggest sale in real estate marketing was when a client saw the display I made on my WhatsApp status about an offer in our company, and he reached out. Your WhatsApp status is an affordable avenue to sell goods, or hit your biggest sales. 

"As an entrepreneur, you do not know who needs your services or who is interacting or engaging with your brands via your WhatsApp status. Brands need to be strategic and intentional with the content they dish out to prospective customers. Content must be enticing and engaging in such a way that intending customers will be willing to buy whatever is being displayed. Integrity matters in building a brand's presence and images online. 

There is a whole lot to learn in this online media training put together by Bridging The Future. I advise entrepreneurs or intending business owners, whether offline or online business to participate in this 3 days digital marketing program. This is an opportunity to learn a lifetime experience that will keep you focused on the goal, she concluded.

Participating in the online media training is easy.

How to Feature on Bridging The Future, 2021 Online Media Training

All you need to do is to click: http://bit.ly/BTF-OT or send a WhatsApp message with the caption ‘I am interested in BTF 5.2’ to +2348153658527 on or before 20th December, 2021.

Official media partners of the project are: Dean Initiative, GoldenPro Inc, FAVLYN Media, Ferguson Printing Solutions, TBS Marketing, sagagist.com.ng, TuhamWorld, and itsallisay.com.

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