Innoson debunks ’15th Anniversary Celebration’ Promo


Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company Limited, has received notice of a generated link with the caption ‘Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Co. Ltd 15th anniversary!

Innoson dismisses ’15th Anniversary Celebration’ Promo
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Please be advised that any of such notification is fraudulent and we have not authorised any agency to act on behalf of IVM in any capacity.

Innoson Vehicles hereby disassociates itself from this notification and activities in connection to it.

IVM has no relationship whatsoever with this link or any of its agents or affiliates.

Members of the public are hereby notified that Innoson Vehicles does not and will not require anybody to respond to such questionnaire in the name of winning a raffle.

All activities of our company is on our official website and official Social Media Platforms below:



Instagram- @officialinnosonvehicles


IVM will not be held liable in case anyone falls prey to this fraudulent activity.

Cornel Osigwe

Head Corporate Communications and Affairs

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