OYO Commences Second Phase of COVID-19 Vaccination | How to Enroll Online


The Oyo state government has announced the commencement of the second phase of the COVID-19 vaccination exercise in the state.

OYO Commences Second Phase of COVID-19 Vaccination | How to Enroll Online
Oyo State Government | Source: Oyostate.gov.ng

In a statement by Dr. M. B. OLATUNJI, the Executive Secretary Oyo State Primary Health Care Board, MODERNA vaccine will be administered to citizens yet to receive any of the earlier COVID-19 Vaccine in the state.

“The Oyo State Primary Health Care Board will commence the administration of the MODERNA vaccine for citizens who have not received any of the earlier COVID vaccine from Monday 23rd August, 2021 across the 33 LGAs of the State at the 120 vaccination posts (fixed and temporary fixed).”


1. People aged 18 years and older

2. Healthcare workers and other frontline workers who are at a high risk of exposure

3. Those that are Senior Citizens with or without underlying health conditions such as Diabetes, Hypertension etc

4. Those with previous records of COVID-19 infection but have now recovered

 Steps towards being vaccinated

1. Register or enrol for the vaccine via the National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA) E-Registration portal:  https://nphcda.vaccination.gov.ng/

This is to generate a unique vaccination code. You will get an SMS message to confirm your entry.

2. You are to come to the designated vaccination post close to you with the generated unique code number. 

3. You will be vaccinated with the first dose of  the MODERNA vaccine.

4. The health officer shall then synchronize your data on the National platform.

5. Those that shall be coming for the second dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine (at a later time) shall only have their previous card updated and synchronized as fully immunized.

6. You are strongly advised not to mix vaccine for the immunization as each person that has received a vaccine brand will be fully covered with the same vaccine brand.

7. All those vaccinated shall receive a well documented vaccination card with affixed barcode at the back of the card. 

8. All are Kindly advised to pre register before coming to the vaccination post to reduce waiting time at the posts and also help reduce crowding.

9. All brands of vaccines including MODERNA Vaccine are Safe and Effective.

10. Please note that vaccination is FREE!!!!!

We all have duties to own our actions and deeds. Let’s help push towards achieving Herd Immunity by encouraging all to get vaccinated against COVID-19 scourge!!!

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