Nigeria Army Denies Recruiting Repentant Terrorists in Viral Video

The Nigeria Army (NA) has allayed the fears that repentant Boko Haram Terrorists are being enlisted into the Nigerian Army.

Nigeria Army Denies Recruiting Repentant Terrorists in Viral Video
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A statement by the director of Army public relations, Brig Gen Onyema Nwachukwu, on Tuesday, dismissed such insinuation on the social media.

Nwachukwu stated this while reacting to a viral video by a comic actor, Young Elder, comparing Nigeria with Afghanistan, according to The Leadership.

In the video, Young Elder in a comic way expressed worries about the surrendered terrorists in Nigeria.

He said while it was understood that the situation in Afghanistan calls for concerns by any right thinking person or organisation, the manner in which the comic Young Elder presented it shows his lack of basic knowledge on the subject.

He said, “Our attention has been drawn to an online video making rounds in the social media by one Young Elder and produced by Anthony Jay.

“In the so called Young Elder attempted to draw conclusion from the collapse of the Afghan military and trying very hard to relate it to the ongoing surrender by the Boko Haram/ Islamic State West Africa Province.

“The amateurish production conjured some unfounded and baseless claims that only exist in the pigment of their imagination, claiming that surrendered terrorists where going to be absorbed into the Nigerian Army (NA).

“For the avoidance of doubt, the NA does not have any repentant terrorists joining its ranks and does not have any plan for that.”

The Army spokesperson said there are teeming able-bodied Nigerians that are willing to join the NA and genuinely help in the fight against terrorism and other violent crimes.

He added, “the NA is not desperate for prospective recruits to stoop so low and engage the services of former terrorists. As a general rule, it is not even recommended to absorb former fighters into the services of a regular military.”

Nwachukwu said the NA under the leadership of the Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Faruk Yahaya, will continue to operate within the dictates of the law.

“Surrendered terrorists will be received, processed and passed to the appropriate Government agencies that are saddled with the responsibility of handling them,” he added.

He, therefore, appealed to the public that matters related to security should be left with those who have the requisite expertise and experience.

He also called on the comic actor to focus on contributing towards nation building and not engaging in campaign of falsehood.

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