93.7 Million Nigerians now Live in Abject Poverty

World Poverty Clock has estimated the total number of Nigerians living in abject poverty at 93.7 Million.

Screenshot from World Poverty Clock (worldpoverty.io) showing extreme poverty rate in Nigeria

 World Poverty Clock, a web tool provided by World Data Lab provides real-time poverty estimates until 2030 for almost every country in the world, monitoring progress against ending extreme poverty which is the United Nation's first sustainable development goal has estimated that 6.8 million Nigerians slipped into abject poverty in just 12 months.

It was first revealed in June 2018 that Nigeria had overtaken India as the nation with the highest number of people living in abject poverty across the world, with an estimated 86.9 million Nigerians measured to be living on less than $1.90 (N684) a day.

Current data from World Poverty Clock suggests an increments to 93.7 million in June 2019.


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