NYCN's New President To Strengthen Youth Institutions

The umbrella body of Nigerian Youths - the National Youth Council of Nigeria has on Thursday, 23rd, May 2019 appointed a new set of National Executive officers to drive the activities of the Council across the country.

NYCN's New President To Strength Youth Institutions

Emerging the President, Comrade Oladele John Nihi who now replaces Barrister Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere has made clear commitments to serve selflessly and be dedicated to the ideas of grassroots, social transformation and youth inclusion.

In his acceptance speech, Nihi said; “It is about the growth and development of Nigerian Youths rather than the satisfaction of a desire to actualize an ambition to lead or to be visible; it represents a genuine intention to place our collective desires for this great council, above the fulfilment of any self-glorifying agenda; it is about service to our youths and the rallying point for all of us; it is about value reorientation and introducing a paradigm shift to the modus operandi of NYCN.”

NYCN's New President To Strength Youth InstitutionsHe also emphasized on the need for mental reformation of the youth of Nigeria. “We have to change our mentality of being political hallelujah youths and selling our future for peanuts, to youths who are intellectuals and can use the intelligence to develop the general population of youths around him. We must refrain from the mundane Pull Him Down syndrome that is typical of the old, let's support each other to grow, that is when we can prove to the world that we are formidable.
“We will build on the institutional gains during my tenure to improve the lives of young people. We will build a new institution where necessary to protect rights and engender inclusion among all the youths of Nigeria.’’

NYCN's New President To Strength Youth Institutions

The former president, Barrister Ugochinyere who is currently the National Spokesman of the Coalition of United Political Parties thanked the council for a memorable tenure and urged the new executives to ensure that they surpass his achievements. Apart from Comrade Oladele John Nihi, 13 other executive members were elected during the congress including Jimoh Oluwatobi Segun who now serves as the Council’s Public Relations Officer.

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