With DHL Africa eShop – You Can Ship from over 200 U.S and U.K stores to your door step

The world's largest logistics company, particularly in sea and air mail, DHL Express has launched a new e-commerce app called DHL Africa eShop , to ease retailing of goods to Africa’s consumers markets.

DHL Africa eShop Powered by MallforAfrica
DHL Africa eShop Powered by MallforAfrica | Source: techcrunch.com

With DHL Africa eShop – You Can Ship directly from over 200 U.S and UK stores (in Neiman Marcus, Carters) to 11 African markets which include: South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya,  Mauritius, Ghana, Senegal, Rwanda, Malawi, Botswana, Sierra Leone and Uganda.

DHL Africa eShop is leveraging on DHL Express shipping, tracking and courier service which is able to deliver goods globally and will also operate using Link Commerce by MallforAfrica.com, while Payment methods will include local fintech options, such as Nigeria’s Paga and Kenya’s M-Pesa, according to TechCrunch.

To celebrate the launch of DHL Africa eShop platform, DHL is giving the first 1000 shoppers from the participating countries across Africa, the chance to ship their entire order for only $5.

DHL Africa eShop platform
DHL Africa eShop platform | Source: yomiprof.net

All shoppers have to do is download the App from the Google Play store for Android devices or the iOS App store for Apple devices.

Alternatively, you can visit the website www.africa-eshop.dhl, to install all versions of the App including the Chrome extension and start shopping from over 200 online stores in the US/UK.

The promo is valid on items that weigh 1kg or less.

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