Ntel Discontinues N1000 for 12GB Wawu Plan

2018 was the best year for Ntel.

Ntel wawu plan of N1000 for 12GB has been discontinued
Ntel Voice HD | ntel.com.ng
In case you were wondering what Ntel is.

Ntel is Nigeria's most revolutionary telecommunications company which provides 4G LTE Advanced network that delivers superfast call-connect times, crystal clear Voice over LTE and extraordinarily high internet access speed.

Background History

In Febuary 2018, Ntel unveiled Wawu sim. The sim came with amazing deals and offers.

Subscribers got free 10GB data on sim purchase and activation, including 500% data bonus and 8kb/sec on calls.

WAWU plans from nTEL was and still a life saver, while it lasted. ☺☺

  • For example, 

N1000 equals 12GB and
N2000 also equals 24GB.

Isn't that WAAWUU!!

WAAWUU Plan Gone Too Soon

However, few months before the end of 2018, nTel encountered a problem that made them shut down their site (myntel.com.ng) till this very moment.

Subscribers of the network have continued to cry on social media.

According to reports, subscribing to any ntel data plans in 2018 was not only a torture; it was a bitter and tormenting moments as it made some faint-hearted subscribers depressed.

That was because on other networks, you get 1.5GB for N1000 compared to what ntel network offers.


On January 4, 2019,YOMIPROF did an underground investigation about Ntel and their wawu plans.

The result, is a SHOCKER.

Ntel wawu plan of N1000 for 12GB has been discontinued, without official announcement.

Unlimited weekly plan is now N5000 and no longer N3750
The expiry dates for the Revised ntel wawu plan have been reduced to 7 /14 days.

  • Old WAWU Plans

Ntel wawu plan of N1000 for 12GB has been discontinued
Old Wawu Price | Yomiprof.net

WAWU N500 for 6GB, Validity 30 days
WAWU N1000 for 12GB, validity 30 days
WAWU N2,500 FOR 24GB, validity 30 days
WAWU N3,000 for 48GB, validity 30 days
WAWU N7,500 for 96GB, validity 30 days

Newly Revised Ntel WAWU Plans
Ntel wawu plan of N1000 for 12GB has been discontinued
(Newly) Revised Wawu Price | Yomiprof.net

WAWU N2000 for 6GB, Validity 7days

WAWU N4000 for 16GB, validity 7days

WAWU N8,500 FOR 45GB, validity 14 days

WAWU N10,000 for 96GB, validity 14 days

  • Note that: 
Unlimited Weekly price is now N5000, while the unlimited monthly plan remain unchanged.

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