Top 5 Reasons You Should Prefer Custom ROM to Stock Android

There has been a long debate on the type of Android user interface preferred by users. While some prefer the bare stock ROM interface without any customizations, others prefer the customized ROM interface.

Custom ROM vs Stock Android
Before we go further, let us understand the differences between Stock ROM and Custom ROM.

Simply put, Stock ROM/Android is the default Android Operating System (OS) that was designed by Google itself, without any attachment or customization while Custom ROM is a mod (modified) version of the Operating system with lots of customizations, improvements and modifications.

Custom ROM is usually put together by developers who want more than what Google or its partners packed inside "its own Stock ROM/Android." Since Android is open source, any developer can edit the code, recompile it, and re-release for a wide variety of devices.

Now that we know the differences between Stock ROM and Custom ROM, lets highlight 5 top reasons people prefer the customized ROM to the undefiled Stock ROM ☺☺.

5 Reasons You Should Prefer Custom ROM to Stock Android

According to, below are the Top 5 Reasons People Prefer Custom ROM to Stock Android.

1. More Features

The customized ROM due to its customizations comes with a lot of added features that are not present in the stock ROM. These customizations can range from improvement on an existing feature to addition of none existent feature.

2. Cool and Customizable UI

This is the part that trips me the most. Personally, I feel the default stock ROM interface is boring and not exciting. But with a customized ROM, you get a cooler User interface and a more beautiful design.

This is one of the greatest strength of the customized user interface. The fact that you can add and delete what you want and don’t want makes the custom ROM really cool. You get to add new features and show off and impress your friends.

3. Improved performance

This is an aspect subject to debate. Some believe once something is customized, it has to be heavy. The shocker came in when news broke that the world’s fastest device, OnePlus 6 is running on a custom ROM. So now, the myth has been destroyed.

Custom ROM vs Stock Android

4. Better signal quality

The fact that custom ROM allows you alter some build elements makes you have access to some things you would normally not have access to. Custom ROMs helps you to improve your base-band which in turn increases the signal and quality of your phone call and phone signal.

5. Install Apps on SD card

This feature was formerly available on the stock ROM but is currently not possible. When your phone runs out of space occasionally when you install new apps, this is the one feature you would love to have.

Choosing a Custom Andriod

Since we now know reasons you should Prefer Custom ROM to Stock Android, lets talk about Popular ROMs and their developers in the Andriod Community. 

According to xda-developers, 3 developers top the list and they are:


CyanogenMod is the most popular ROM among the XDA community. To see if your device is supported, check out this page. Some features of CyanogenMod include: theming support, FLAC audio support, per-application permissions, CPU overclocking, soft-button customizations, e.t.c.


AOKP is another popular ROM that’s all about speed. To see if your device is supported, check out this page. Some features of AOKP include custom toggles in the notification shade, LED control for devices that have a notification light, nav ring support, vibration pattern customization, & lots more.

Paranoid Android

Paranoid Android focuses on improving notifications, design and navigation. It uniquely lets you run your entire system, or just certain apps, in tablet or phone mode, and you can customize the DPI settings as well. This is great for big displays when you want to fully utilize the screen space.

You can check them out for your devices in case you are interested in flashing a custom ROM on your smartphone. Take Caution!!!

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