Vodacom Takes Internet of Things Training to Primary School Students

Vodacom Business Nigeria has organised training in robotics for 36 young students of the S.S. Peter & Paul Nursery and Primary School.

Vodacom Takes Internet of Things Training to Primary School Students

This was part of its commitment to deepen technological development in the education sector and among the next generation, a statement by the company said on Monday.

Punch reports that the school, according to the company, is managed by Loving Gaze, an independent non-profit organisation that serves the underprivileged communities in Lagos State.

Vodacom said the students, aged between eight and 10, through a practical course on robotics, were given the opportunity to learn about the integration of the Internet of Things in robotics and its growing relevance in various areas of modern life.

The company said the students were taught how to build, programme and control robots, drones and other artificial intelligence.

“This demonstrated the essential nature of technology in various aspects of everyday life, including securing lives and property. As a practical demonstration of this, students were shown how drones could be used for a wide range of services in today’s world,” Vodacom stated.

“This includes the delivery of medication and life-saving supplies to remote locations in emergency situations, which is already happening in some locations around the world.

“The students were also given a tour of the company’s facilities, exposing them to the importance of connectivity and telecommunications technology in today’s digital world.”

The Senior Manager, Product Portfolio, Vodacom Business Nigeria, said, Abu Etu, “As part of our commitment to empower the next generation in Nigeria through the ICT, Vodacom believes that it is important to promote training for students at the primary level of education. This will prepare them from the early stages of their lives, for the post-digital age, which will demand technical knowledge and skills.”

The General Manager, Loving Gaze, Barbara Pepoli, said, “We are excited that our students had the opportunity to learn new things beyond the walls of the classroom. Getting children interested in technology has been very important for our school and this field trip is a great way to make technology come to life for our students.”

According to a statement from the firm, Vodacom Business Nigeria constantly uses industrial tours and field trips to educate students from primary, secondary and tertiary schools on new telecommunications technologies that are driving the economy.

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