Its a Cleaning Affair with Olisafav Cleaners

Its a cleaning affair.
Its a Cleaning Affair with Olisafav Cleaners

Yeah, Olisafav Cleaners is another agency that is out to take up all cleaning services irrespective of size of facility or location of the facility.

They clean new buildings (industrial cleaning)
Office environment and provision of janitors (commercial cleaning)
And also private homes.

Olisafav cleaners are present for the number of times the clients require them, from once till forever 🤓.

The office address is :
5, Joseph Oriabor close, Ekoro, Abule-Egba, Lagos.

[email protected]

@olisafav_cleaners on instagram.

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About Bridging The Future 2.0 

Bridging the Future project is an initiative put together by a group of Nigerians to encourage and put smiles on the faces of hardworking entrepreneur by promoting their brands, at no cost. Bridging The Future began its second edition on 1st of January, 2018. 

The project which will run for 20 days will feature 20 brands with support from four Media Partners.

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