NIPOST targets 2020 to move to multiple product organization

Nigerian Postal Services (NIPOST) has begun move to reposition the organization from a mono-product organization into a multiple product organization by 2020.

NIPOST targets 2020 to move to multiple product organization

Barrister Adebisi Adegbuyi, the postmaster general / CEO of NIPOST, speaking during a retreat organized to prepare staff and stakeholders for the expected changes stated that the Strategic Roadmap tagged ‘NIPOST Vision 2020’ was a product of several months of intensive work, which started at Ogere retreat held on May 22, 2017.

He noted that their vision is to become “a thriving market-driven organization, focusing on innovation,”He added that the Lagos Zonal Retreat five months after Ogere retreat was to evaluate and further reposition their focus on the tortuous journey of ‘Posting the Post into Prosperity’.

Barrister Adegbuyi, acknowledged that the journey was indeed tortuous because it is characterized with daunting but surmountable challenges.“We are prepared to go the whole hog to achieve our goals in this quest to succeed, no matter the obstacles.

“In these five months of uninterrupted strategy implementation, a lot has happened. The corporate restructuring is taking shape. The Business Units are reshaping their products; the Zones are now on ground supported by their Districts while the Chief Operating Officer has taken full control of the operations for efficiency.

“In all of these, the Zones remain critical as they are the field players and the foot soldiers who determine the victory or otherwise of this ‘battle’.

“This event will help us to determine the true position of our strategic milestones in the journey towards actualization of our dreams.“It will also provide us the opportunity to x-ray our position as we analyze our performance so far against set objectives with a view to taking remedial measures in the area of sharp deviations and as well re-invent a new wheel where necessary in our march to the promised land.”

Barrister Adegbuyi, decried that one of the greatest challenges to the relevance of NIPOST is in the area of product offering.He noted that, “For a long time NIPOST has remained a mono-product organization focusing mainly on mail.”

The Post-Master General believes that these challenges are changing as evidenced by innovative products they have launched and the various initiatives that are currently going on.

He stated that, “Barely five months into our implementation plan, there are successes already evident. We certainly have made gains on all fronts.

“The restructuring is going on well; visibility is improving innovation is everywhere.

“These round of retreats are therefore intended to set the stage for capacity building to improve performance and provoke in us the ‘can do’ spirit.

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