This Google Chrome-like Browser Cost N80,000 ($399.99) on Google Playstore

Ekstar Browser Pro is one of the numerous applications by Ekstar, an Internet Service Company based in Mumbai, India. According to them, their Goal is to become No.1 Internet Service Company in the World.

Ekstar says their Browser is the lightest and fastest web browser for your Android device because it lets you surf the Web at the speed of light ☺☺

Ekstar Browser ProEkstar Browser Pro

The currently released version 6 has the following features:

* Ads blocker
* Multi-tabs browsing
* Smart speed home page
* Intuitive Tabs Overview screen
* Session management
* Auto-Full screen feature
* Download Manager
* Share anything with friends

While the free version of the Ekstar Browser has being downloaded more than 1000 times, Ekstar Browser Pro priced at N80,000 ($399.99) on Google Playstore has no download activity (0+ downloads).

The Ekstar Browser (Pro) is not different from Google-chrome, a browser from the stables of Google Inc., according to a user.

Would you like to invest N80,000 ($399.99) on a browser application?

If yes!!!

Download Ekstar Browser Pro for Andriod 

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