Neymar's Transfer Fee at €222m (£198m, $262m, N96.9bn) can Buy over 414,000 Samsung Galaxy S8


From Paris to Marseille, Barcelona to Munich, Istanbul to Shanghai, Rio to Los Angeles, and Sydney to Lagos, the football world spent Friday following the biggest transfer in history: Neymar's move from Barcelona to Paris St-Germain for 222m euros (£200m), according to BBC reports.

Neymar's Transfer Fee at €222m

While you may be wondering what the transfer record fee of a whooping €222m can buy, a Nairaland Thread already did justice to that and it will avail you unnecessary stress and fatigue to your brain ☺.

So, how much is €222m Euros in other currencies in the world?

£198m Pounds, $262m Dollars,  ¥16bn Chinese Yuan.

In Naira, that is around 96940000000 Naira. N96.9bn.

 How many Samsung Galaxy S8 devices can Neymar buy if He was to use his Transfer Fee of €222m (£198m, $262m, N96.9bn)?

Over 414,000 Samsung Galaxy S8 devices (without breaking a sweat)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

What else could you buy for 200 million pounds?
PSG New Signee, Neymar | Source: BBC
If you had that type of money, what would you buy?

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