Courtship: 3 major Factors that has affected the natural order of 'things’

Relationship Blogger & Consultant, Joro Olumofin in his latest piece talks on how the increase in body count of ladies is leading to depression and mood swings.

Read below….

“The Increase in "Body Count" of Ladies is leading to Depression & Mood swings which is hindering some ladies in locating Husband Material. Dating today has been altered by 3 major Factors which has changed the natural order of things in Courtship.

3 factors that rapidly increases body counts in ladies

1⃣ MONEY : Because of Bad economy, unemployment, idleness amongst the ladies ; some ladies tend to see any man who can give them comfort & money as a husband material instantly without any proper vetting or research. Money is now synonymous with affection today and should be rewarded with sex.

What some ladies don’t realize is that some men have a lot of money to throw around, and it means nothing to them to spend on you. The true measure of a mans affection should be in TIME & Gestures. If he can’t give you his time then you’re just sexual exercise to him.

2⃣ THE SWITCH : You may not agree but the Value of a successful Eligible Bachelor today is worth N30,000,000 or more because society has attached a lady’s success to Marriage. Guys are now aware that their values have gone up because of the pressures on ladies to get married.

A guy now knows that any lady he meets is most likely under pressure to get married so he uses Marriage as a tool to manipulate her into sleeping with him.Based on Thousands of mails I receive from clients , when some ladies hear the Word “Marry” they take off their clothes to please a man. This is SAD!

3⃣ WRONG THOUGHT PROCESS : This is sad but some ladies think sex will make a man commit to them or take them to his parents. Ladies, sex will never make a man commit. Most Good men today are looking for a strong, supportive, financially stable, beautiful lady. Sex doesn’t cut it anymore, any girl can give a man sex.

It’s simple Biology but not every girl is employed, has a skill, is prayerful or can cook.All 3 factors listed above rapidly increase Body Counts which makes some ladies depressed. Depression takes you away from the Light. If you’re not in the light and blossoming like a Flower. How will true Love find you? Ladies empower yourself. Take control of your life.



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