Shazam For Plant ‘Pl@Ntnet’ Makes Plant Identification Easier

Pl@ntNet User Interface
If you love the popular Shazam for Music app, you will definitely fall in love with ‘Pl@Ntnet’ because the two applications perform the same job; of identifying content. While Shazam is made for Music lovers, Pl@Ntnet belongs to nature fans. Pl@Ntnet identifies plant from a picture and searches from a wide array of database to bring the result to the user screen.

It may be difficult to recognize plants due to the existence of over 400,000 estimated species of floral around the world but technology has made it possible through the snap of a finger with the use of Pl@Ntnet.

It is time to Identify, explore and share your observations of wild plant with Pl@ntNet, a tool that helps identification of plants earlier through the use of pictures.

How Pl@Ntnet works

Pl@Ntnet works by granting permission to the application to use your location. After which, you snap the plant in question. You also have the chance of uploading or picking a plant picture from your phones gallery. The app then uses image recognition to provide possible results by matching ‘your picture’ with its archives.

Pl@ntNet Location

The Pl@Ntnet app also has different organs you can select from to have desirable results. Organs include: Leaf, Stem,  Flower, Fruit, Habit and others, etc.

Pl@ntNet OrganPl@ntNet Image selector

About The Developers

Pl@Ntnet  app was developed by four French research organizations and they include Cirad, IRA, Inria/IRD, and the Tela Botanica Network. The app has a ‘contribution button’ for users to share their work with the community.

 Watch how the app works below -

Pl@Ntnet is available for both iPhone and Andriod Users, at no cost.

Pl@ntNet InterfacePl@ntNet Interface

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