Everything You Need To Know About Donjazzy's (@donjazzy) New WiFi Company - Flobyt

Flobyt Free internet conncetion
Music mogul and mavins boss, Michael Ajareh Collins, popularly called Donjazzy, partnered with Flobyt, a WiFi company to give Nigerians free internet connection. The partnership which was announced at a press conference in lagos caught everyone on aware.

How Flobyt Works

Flobyt, a free wifi-service installed in several locations in lagos such as restaurants, parks, taxis, buses, restaurants, cafes, etc, will be free to access to customers of Flobyt partners, who has the wifi-router installed in their premises. All intending users need do is - walk into any Flobyt arena, buy a meal or drink, and have access to free internet. Flobyt internet router is easy to install and need no technical knowledge to operate. Flobyt can accomodate 10-30 users at a time in low traffic area while Flobyt Max can accomodate up to 80 users in high traffic area.

Is Flobyt The First Free-Wifi Company in Nigeria

No. Flobyt is not the first company to offer free WiFi in Nigeria but according to Dele Ofuleye, CEO Tsaiboin, Flobyt co-founder, they plan to make Flobyt 'an enduring one'. In his words,

“Flobyt is 100% free for the users and our partner locations, all you have to do is walk in and log in. In fact, our working slogan is ‘Don’t use your data, use ours.’ We know that this is not the first free WiFi proposition in Nigeria. However, we have state of the art technology, speed, security and speed to make it an enduring one.”

How Free is Flobyt?

Flobyt is not totally free. Even though you have access to free internet connection but your internet sessions will be interrupted because you will be served adverts. Businesses exist for profit and they need to generate revenue to keep their services running, so while you use Flobyt Free WiFi connection enjoy their ads with a cup of tea or coffee. ☺☺

How Secured Are WiFi Centers?

WiFi connections in Public centers since time immemorial are known to be unencrypted most times. Your files and documents can be stolen through unsecured WiFi because of the porous nature but be rest assured, your information is in safe hands while you access Flobyt WiFi, according to Flobyt's, Co-Founder, Dele Ofuleye.

Flobyt Locations in Lagos State

Flobyt WiFi is currently blazing in the following locations across Lagos State, Nigeria:

  • RoadStar Burger, Lekki.
  • FoodHouse, Ikosi
  • Bar Enclave, Ilupeju
  • White House, Yaba
  • Massimo Bar, Ikeja
  • Grace’s Cakes, Ogba
  • Lounge 9a, Anthony
  • Jazzment Salon, Lekki
  • KayzPlace Barbershop, Lekki
  • Amala Express, Lekki

How Do I Get Flobyt WiFi For My Business? 

There are already 455 requests for free Flobyt WiFi within 48 hours of official launch, according to Donjazzy. To have Flobyt WiFi Router installed in your premises, fill this form.

Have you tried Flobyt WiFi? Lets know in the comment box.

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