Proposed Data Tariff Increment Will Affect Internet Penetration In Nigeria - James Ademuyiwa

James Ademuyiwa, a digital marketer and C.E.O CutEdge Media in this interview with itsallisay highlights his biggest challenge as a brand, his projections for 2017, effect of the proposed and reviewed data tariff in Nigeria, amongst other issues.


Congratulations on the launch of CutEdge Media. How has the company feared so far?

Thanks for identifying us in the throng. With the look of things, CutEdge Media has since October 9th shown a gleaming ray of hope and iota of huge success in the next 10 years.

Being a word spoken artist, what attracted you to the Digital Marketing industry?

I was a Public Relations practitioner (with AbsolutePR Ltd.) first before I became a Spoken Word artist. So, I would say Spoken Word is another talent in me that must not be buried before I die. Basically, what attracted me to Digital Marketing industry was my abilities to picture into the future of Marketing Communications in Nigeria and the world at large.

In the next ten years, the traditional marketing platforms which seems to be the major now, would become minor therefore, for a young mind like mine not to suffer the same fate with Nokia, who saw the future (Android OS) and neglected it, I had to join the train of Digital Marketing by the way of owning my own firm.

What are your projections for 2017?

Aside us launching our website on the 1st of January, 2017, we would be launching the Professional Live Streaming section of CutEdge Media also. And one big thing that you should be expecting also, is our announcement of extension to one of the leading West African countries. Watch out!

Over the last couple of years, so many Digital firms have birthed. What differentiates CutEdge Media from the rest?

The huge difference we are having is that, we are not like most of the Digital Marketing Agencies that we have now, they were those who are literarily scared of not fading out of the Marketing Communications phase when Digital Marketing came into play and we are of the knowledge that they outsource many hands outside their traditional marketing firms to get most works done.

At CutEdge Media, we are 100% Digital with the understanding of the sphere, ranging from the: Audience psychology, market atmosphere, products/brands/events targets, how to penetrate effectively for outstanding results from the Edge etc., which our clients are testimonies to.

What has been your biggest challenge as a brand so far and how did you overcome it?

As a brand with massive prospects, we always prepare for challenges at every engagement so, we have not really considered any challenge as the biggest rather, we see every challenge as what must be outshined.

In your own opinion, is there an enabling market for Digital Marketing in Nigeria?

Definitely! There is a huge enabling market for Digital Marketing in Nigeria. Looking at it from the way Nigerians make use of the platforms Digital Marketing thrives i.e. Social Media, an average Nigerian now wake up on and sleep on Social Media. So, with that alone, it is so feasible that we have an enabling market for Digital Marketing in Nigeria. Ask Konga, Jumia, Jiji, etc.

How has the recent Government policy with regards to ban on usage of naira MasterCard for foreign transactions, affected the business?

Answer: To be sincere, it is really affecting, most especially the purchase of audience reach on basic platforms like Facebook but, we know Facebook and others would be working towards other means to get their products across to Nigerians for effective use.

As a digital personnel, to what extent will the proposed and reviewed data tariff affect online businesses?

Since it is still a proposal, there is higher possibilities of it being a proposal forever because, immediately it was raised, digital personnel like us rose up on Twitter to stand against the myopic move with the hashtag #ThisIsMyNigeria and it brought about results. If eventually our technocrats who do not know what the power of technology could bring to a nation's wealth by the way of cheap data and other ways, make it happen, it would affect a lot of engagements and in return make the accessibility of Digital Marketing go higher in terms of costs.

What should we expect from James Ademuyiwa?

Expect nothing less than James Ademuyiwa becoming the leading Digital Marketer in Nigeria in 10 years and once that happens, Africa and the World got no choice.

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