7 Reasons We Should Pay Attention To The Lessons Our Past Tosses Our Way

I've had cause to reflect on some things deeply in the past few days. I kept willing my brain to bring back the glorious and not-too-good memories I've had in the past. With all boldness, I can say I discovered so many treasures in that recollection.

We all have instances in the past where we have been applauded and celebrated. We've all gone through times where our handiwork's were praised. It's general knowledge that we are advised to forget the past. But don't. There are useful things you can find there if you handle it well. Now, back to those instances I mentioned earlier-after been praised, we felt so propelled to make sure that we witness more of that; and this spurred us to heighten our dedication and diligence. That feeling, for me, is a treasure.

You've been praised in the past, why can't you be praised again? You've scaled mountains and successfully reached the summit, why will you allow this present mountain scare you away? It happened in the past and it can happen again. Bring back that feeling you had that time to the present and add it to the things that inspire you. Let that feeling engulf your heart and renew the seeds of unrelenting determination in your heart.

Water your dreams with that feeling till they blossom and become a sight for all to behold. Collect this treasure from your past and use it to the fullest potential.
If you have had crushed dreams in the past or things have turned out to be the very opposite of what you'd envisaged, there is a reason for that-which is undoubtedly the treasure. To discover this treasure, I became retrospective and tried to pinpoint the reasons which might have been the cause of such failures. I found out that I'd slipped in some parts and in other parts, I'd gotten so relaxed and assured that I'll get that trophy; which made me let down my preparations. There were also some places where I didn't have much of a positive mindset and had already entertained the prospect of losing that trophy.

The climax of these reasons, which is more important, is that those dreams were not mine. In other words, I was trying to outrun God and no one ever succeeds at that. The summary of this is that you need to find out the reasons you've had failures in the past. Were you carefree about opportunities? Did you at the outset nurse thoughts of failure? Or did Heaven not intend you for that? When you know the reason for those down times, it will make your journey smoother and give you the initiative to align your dreams with the Creator's plans.

Moreover, the strengths you garnered from the things you've gone through in your past are still there, though they might have diminished. Empower those strengths, bring them out of their hiding place and display them. These will help you cover more grounds. The strengths I've gathered from my past experiences have brought about miracles in my life. I've scaled mountains successfully with the help I got from these strengths. By strengths, I mean the qualities you acquired such as wisdom, courage, resilience, etc. These qualities will help you a lot, only if you let them. Our past isn't useless; it's a goldmine in its own right. It's inadvisable to wallow in it but beneficial if you pay attention to the lessons it tossed your way.

This is an exhortation from me. It would do you a lot of good if you become retrospective sometimes. Retrospection will present to you the past as a book, which gives you the privilege to analyze your past life from a more informed angle and leaves with you two choices: to either apply the wisdom you've gained to your present life or to discount the lessons you've learnt and prefer to live without their guidance. The ball is in your court, play it cautiously.

Oyindamola Grace Osinubi is an enthusiastic reader and a prolifically skilled writer who have an unquenchable passion for knowledge. She loves digging deep into history and studying the ways of living things in the universe apart from humans. Tourism flows in her blood and she’s not shy of making new friends.

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Featured Image: Marc Benioff via Slideshare

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