The Impact of Social Media to Digital Broadcasting, With Regards To Radio and Television

The fact that the impact of social media to broadcasting (radio and TV) has been a mixed of blessing and a disgrace to the world cannot be overemphasized. When we say social media in this age, what comes readily to the mind is what we have reduced social media to - our various 'chatting' sites which tends to limit the scope of what social media is all about.

Social media can be said to be a form of electronic communication (as websites for social networking and micro-blogging) through which users create online communities to share  information, ideas, personal messages, and other contents (such as audio and videos).

Basically, we are in tune if it is concluded that social media is a broadcasting tool which aids the TV and radio broadcasts. That said, it means this current age has given unto us all easy way of accessing information as soon as it is disseminated once the right factors are put in place.
It also comes with a certain ease and relieve on the knowledge that we do not need to reschedule and reorganise our daily living to fit into the time for the news either on the TV or the radio as the case may be.

Furthermore, social media in respect to broadcasting has helped in building a bridge between the source and the recipient as there is room for immediate reaction from the people without any encumbrance or special procedure.

In other concise words, it can be said that the positive sides of social media in radio and TV broadcast for the purpose of this write has been streamlined into three basic points which are:

•limitless access to the news for all
•time and location considerate. i.e places more stringent rules as to when and where the news can be accessed
•ability of the public to react to the news without stress.

In addition to the above, it is noteworthy that social media has been a mixed blessing to this age. As much as it is canvassed that social media has made life easy, it has also caused obvious harm to the sanity and sanctity of most people.

First to note in this category is the  misconception that may be brewed from reading and implying more to what the source has to pass across as seen in the trending misconception of Pastor Sam Adeyemi's point on mental illness or a reduction in the value of information to be passed on. Another is the fact that whilst going about the news, we peddle this misconception to those without access to these information, thereby misinforming them and deforming what is left of what was made right in their sanity.

Finally, what I tag the greatest of the ills of social media in respect to TV and radio broadcast is that many still remain uninformed despite their accessibility to social media. Other things sociable enough with a stronger pull has the greater advantage over articles of the news. Majority (of the youth) will rather see a leaked tape rather than see AIT's Focus Nigeria or ChannelTV’s Daily with the same value of data.

In simpler words, we can say the negatives for the purpose of this write include:

- reduction of facts or inclusion of fallacies thereby brewing misconceptions in the public.
-misinformation of the rest of the public with no access to the media
- the failure of the information in informing those with access to the media.

It won't be wrong to infer that the ratio of the negative impact may be influenced to a great deal if appropriate measures are not taken.

The simplest way to correct this error is a reorientation of the public with access to social media, ironically, through the social media. This is achievable by doing it in skits and bits till the message revolves.

Oluwa Omoyele Olamiposi, fondly called Yele, particularly on the cyber space, is a reader, writer and a learner who loves to capture moments around her in deep imagery. The Lagos, Nigeria born and bred lawyer cum literati started out way back by appreciating poetry; she write as she feels and has some of her poems published, far and wide. Omoyele 'break rules, make rules, flaunt them by obeying them perfectly' and is currently working on her debut anthology alongside her social project, She can be reached via Yele writes or 09025327435.

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