The Other Look At #TheOtherRoom

If you wake up to read Pastor Adeboye, Pastor Kumuyi, Pastor Oyedipo or any of the leading men of God in Nigeria say “I don’t know what church my wife belongs to but…” our religious instinct will come alive and it will dawn clearly on us that there is fire on the mountain. Sadly but truly, such statement would not generate what it has, now that it has been uttered by the number one citizen of the country causing many tongues to wag.
We all, at least, a vast majority of us have decided to carve out artistic memes, we have decided to trend trendy hashtags, we have created comical skits, written sultry poems and even branded clothes to laugh at the President and his family over their unfortunate family fracas with has grown to be more unfortunate now that it is in the face of the public.

Should we come to an agreement that the saying ‘if a man cannot lead his home, he is not fit to lead a church’ is true then we can infer that ‘if a man cannot lead his home (effectively), he is not fit to lead a country’?

Nigeria has a country has her own peculiarity and leadership is chief on the list. We may take lightly, the claims that “evil spirits have their headquarters in Aso Rock Villa” but that would do us no good.

Rather than peep into what does not or what happens in #TheOtherRoom, rather than raise feminist flag in the face of confused critics, for once, whether we like, love or dislike the fact that Mr. Mohammadu Buhari occupies the seat of the President of Nigeria or not, the best we can do as long as the laws keeps him on that seat is to pray for him- to pray that he is bestowed with the wisdom to head his family and keep every member united, then we can earnestly ask God to help him to bring Nigeria out of her present predicaments and lead Nigeria to the promise land we look forward to.

Featured Image: Twitter/#TheOtherRoom

Adebote Seyifunmi is a Youth Advocate, Environmentalist, Writer and Media Personnel; he writes from Lagos, Nigeria. Contact, [email protected]

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