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Was Elisa right to have taken to Judith Shapiro's love advances? Absolute Truth for Beginners, a science fiction which illustrates the suffering of a twenty-something year old molecular biologist who has had a fair share of natures treat tells you more. Read the Book Spotlight here. Continue to read the Book Review after the cut.


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Title:  Absolute Truth, For Beginners

Author: Katarina West

Pagination: 329

Book Reviewer: Adebote 'Seyifunmi (Editor for

Reading Absolute Truth for Beginners was a great delight, for once in a long time I could see the entire story of an Average "African" lady carefully crafted on barely 300 pages.

Elisa's tale got me excited, then, emotional, then embittered, then anxious and then, stucked.

There are times I get lost thinking of Elisa as an energetic young lady living down my street in Lagos, Nigeria; with exception of J. H, Shapiro's excesses and Elisa's unsuspecting weaknesses towards her advances- Absolute Truth for Beginners is a perfect book and Elisa is a strong 21st century woman.

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