These 3 Apps Can Help You Detect Unknown Callers


In the past, there was no mobile application for detecting unknown calls or blocked numbers. These numbers could keep bugging your phone until the battery runs out which can be frustrating.

However, with advancement in technology and development of different applications, there are apps that can be used to identify unknown callers. This has decreased the number of spam as well as telemarketing calls received by many of individuals. Jovago shares 3 applications that can assist in identifying unknown callers.

1. Truecaller

This is a widely used application for identifying unknown callers and blocking unwanted calls. If an anonymous number calls you and if your phone is data compliant, the app immediately reveals the name of the caller. 

You can also use the app to search for numbers in Truecallers database which stores thousands of numbers. In addition, you are informed of anyone who searches for you or your number.

2. Trapcall

Trapcall will help you ‘unmask’ the caller identity of any hidden incoming call. Some of the features of the app include unwanted calls, record your calls as well as blacklisting any number that disturbs you. It is available for download for iPhone and android phones for free.

3. Whowho

This is another convenient way of blocking undesired calls. With the app, you are able to manage your contacts thus, making it easy to locate phone numbers and make calls as soon as possible. Like other applications, Whowho can help users’ record information they desire.   

It has a total of 50,000,000 calls blocked globally and it is available in 30 countries in 6 continents.

Do you know of any other app that can help in detecting unknown callers?  Kindly share below and do not forget to use the share buttons.
Image credits: cyracksinternetbiz Source: Lowkeytech

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