Obasanjo Should Repent And Contribute His Quota Towards Giving Quality Leadership To This Nation - Tunde Bakare


Pastor Tunde Bakare, General Overseer of the Lattar Rain Assembly, in a new interview, spoke extensively about former President, Olusegun Obasanjo.

Bakare described Obasanjo as one of the most fortunate Nigerians who has been lucky to be at the right place at the right time, in the course of his life.

He also blamed Obasanjo for the failings of former presidents, Goodluck Jonathan and the late Umaru Yar’Adua.

From the interview, Bakare made not less than 10 quotes about Obasanjo.

1. “In 1999, it was reported that I said (ex-President Olusegun) Obasanjo would die. I didn’t say such a thing. But where will I be going to say I didn’t say such a thing? I don’t waste my time. I just focus on what I am doing. If I gave a false prophecy, why did Obasanjo invite a thousand pastors to Ota to start praying for intervention? I just said, ‘Hey, be careful; if these take place, these are the consequences that will come.’ Nobody paid attention to the details of what I said that, ‘If by an act of omission or commission Obasanjo is sworn, in as President of Nigeria, three things would happen: One, corruption will reach its peak; two, the revival of the occult will claim the lives of many; and three, family life will disintegrate in Nigeria.’ Go back and check those things, whether they came to pass or not.”

 2. “I have no reason to hate Obasanjo, but it is what you blow into the flute that it brings out. I have heard claims that I said Obasanjo would die. Propaganda is the machinery of the wicked; they have a way of making a mountain out of a molehill. Why would anybody who believes in equity and fairness say that if someone has done evil, he should be overlooked? No! The Bible makes it clear that when judgment is not speedily executed, the hearts of men are set in them to do evil.”

 3. “Buhari is not a young man that can be influenced by anyone. He knows his onions and his door is open to past leaders. And he must cross-check with them some things that are not clear to him. So, because people change, who knows? If a Saul could become Paul, if a Jacob could become Israel, who knows what an Obasanjo could become?”

 4. “He (Obasanjo) could become the person who says, ‘Oh my God! I regretted that I had the opportunity to do my best and I did not do quite well.’ If I had any pain where Obasanjo is concerned, it is not a pain born out of envy; we are poles apart age-wise, in terms of exposure and status. (In life) we are miles apart — he’s much older than I am. There is no competition at all.”

 5. “My pain is that I have not seen anyone as specially endowed and blessed in Nigerian history and political history like Obasanjo. There is a portion of the Scripture in John 4, where Jesus met the woman at the well of Samaria and he said to his disciples afterwards, ‘Lift up your eyes and see, the harvesting field is white already and I am sending you to reap where you do not bestow labour.’ It is as if every time something major happens in Nigeria, he is the recipient of the blessings.”

 6. “Can you compare the role of Benjamin Adekunle of the Third Marine Commando Division in the Nigerian Civil War; can you put it on the same pedestal with the role of Obasanjo? Obasanjo joined them at the war front; not long after, he was the one that received the surrender note (from the Biafran troops). Obasanjo was not part of the coup that brought Gen. Murtala Muhammed into power but he became his deputy. And immediately Gen. Muhammed was murdered, he became the Head of State.”

 7. “I remember him saying, ‘Against my personal wish and desire, the mantle of leadership has now fallen upon me.’ I mean, I heard his English and I said, ‘Oh my God, this is an Egba man speaking.’ But, he was our Head of State. Whether he was rough or rugged, take it or leave it, there is an invisible hand positioning him.”

 8. “Obasanjo handed over power whether out of being afraid or not, we don’t know. But he handed over power and he became a global power well received. Abdulsalam Abubakar was a parade commander the day Obasanjo handed over power to Shehu Shagari, only for Obasanjo, years after, – more than 20 years after – to come and receive power from the same Abubakar straight away from prison.”

 9. “Those eight years (Obasanjo spent as president) should have been formidable years of putting Nigeria upon a pedestal that nobody can reverse it. And above all, whether it is insecurity or selfishness, which is the greatest curse on the face of the earth, he gave the weak and the sick to the nation.”

 10. “Whatever happened during Umar Yar’Adua and Goodluck Jonathan era – yes, they will have their own portion of the blame – but Obasanjo thought he could manipulate things from Ota. That is my opinion; that is my pain. He robbed this nation of quality leadership and he robbed this nation of being put on a pedestal of predictable progress. That should be his regret. Now, he should repent and contribute his quota towards giving quality leadership to this nation.”

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