Timaya’s Rape Allegations - 19 Things You Should Know


Timaya was accused of rape by a woman identified as Shella B, on July 25, 2015. Below are 19 things you should know about all
that happened, according to TheNet.

19 Things You Should Know About Timaya's Rape Allegation

1. Timaya has been having a conversation with the said lady for about a year.

2. The lady acted to be really into Timaya during all that transpired between them.

3. She promised to blow out Timaya’s mind with sex, and yeah, she did.

4. They had sex in a hotel in Atlanta.

5. She requested to attend a show with Timaya as a couple, but he refused.

6. She interrogated Timaya with her phone not leaving his face.

7. While in the hotel in Atlanta, Timaya realized that she was recording, grabbed her phone and struggled to delete the videos.

8. Timaya wasn’t sure she had any video left, but he deleted the ones he found on her phone.

9. He called the hotel security and explained what had happened to them, told them to open her phone so he could see what she had left but she refused and was making a scene and the hotel management told her to get out, a decision which
Timaya wasn’t satisfied with.

10. She filled cases against Timaya, the same day that she was allegedly raped.

11. Truly the ‘Bum Bum’ singer was scared of what she might have recorded and he insisted on calling the Police but the hotel cautioned him, that he might be arrested for holding her hostage in his room.

12. She called him to claim rape.

13. Timaya tried to play it cool by begging her to drop the allegation of rape.

14. She demanded that Timaya pay her 50k dollars to forget about it.

15. After her demand for $50k, he stopped calling her or taking her calls and even changed his number.

16. After she couldn’t reach Timaya, she got frustrated and went on the internet to publicize the matter.

17. Timaya has claimed he is not a rapist.

18. Timaya revealed her real Instagram handle is @officialshella_b.  Although she initially revealed what transpired between them using a dedicated account, ‘ExposingtherealTimaya’.

19. Her original Instagram account
@officialshella_b is set on private.

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