Religion - Read This Comparison Between The Early Church And The Modern Church


Some of my observations about the EARLY CHURCH and the MODERN CHURCH.

The EARLY CHURCH, men saw their life styles and called them CHRISTIANS but the MODERN CHURCH perhaps through our carrying of bible men will assume we are CHRISTIANS because
there is no correlation between our lives and the Christian faith.

THE EARLY CHURCH according to the scriptures shared everything they had in common but THE MODERN CHURCH it's all about to your tent o ye Israel.

THE EARLY CHURCH appoints men who are full of faith and Holy spirit into position of authority but the MODERN CHURCH appoints men who are full of cash and influence into position of authority.

THE EARLY CHURCH message is all about reconciling men back to God via the gospel of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ while the MODERN CHURCH message is all about come to my church.

The EARLY CHURCH influenced the world but this days, THE MODERN CHURCH is being influenced by the world.

We pray this day that the Lord will rekindle the fire and revival as of old in the church of today so that the church will be a guide to the nations
again in Jesus name, amen.

Have a blessed day in His presence.
Maranatha...He cometh soon.

Image: Early Church (Wikipedia)
Source: Nairaland

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