Policewoman Demoted For Having Sex Inside Car


A policewoman attached to the Lagos State Police Command has been demoted from the rank of a Sergeant to Corporal after she was caught having sex in her car.

    The married woman, simply identified as Helen, was said to have been discovered making love with another man, who is not her husband inside her personal car. The incident would have been swept under the carpet, but it became an issue because the mother of four indulged in the sexual escapade at the Ikeja Police College, where she and thousands of other policemen and women went for the ‘Sergeant to Inspector’ mandatory promotion course.

    Rather than go back home and await her new rank of inspector, Helen left the training ground as a corporal. According to a police source, the course was just for a month.
    It started on June 24 and ended July 25.
    All the trainees were warned not go out of the College or entertain any visitor during the examination, but Helen flouted the order.
    The provost of the college, who warned that nobody should be seen after “light out” decided to carry out his usual security check around the College compound before turning in for the night.
    He was, however, shocked to notice a car, with people inside.
    He drew closer, beamed his torchlight and saw Helen and her partner stark Unclad, making love inside the car. They were ordered out of the car.

    As soon as the provost started interrogating them, the man took to his heels and disappeared into the night.

    The source added: “Helen said the man was her lover and that the car belonged to her.
    “Nobody knew how the man came into the College.
    “The provost was patrolling in the night on July 17 when he discovered the policewoman and her lover in the car, having sex.
    “The car was parked in the dining hall area of the College.
    “They were brought out Unclad from the car.
    “The man initially claimed to be a policeman until the provost asked for his identity card.
    “He pretended to be searching for it and fled.
    “The policewoman later confessed that the man was her lover, not a policeman.”

    Helen was demoted immediately.

Source: TheEagle

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