Photos: See The 10 Weirdest/Strangest Products Ever Sold On Kaymu Website


The internet has evolved greatly since the inception of Web 2.0 - today, it is where you find almost anything - from toys for kids to research papers to several unconventional products!Continue after the cut.
E-commerce website, Kaymu, brings you an interesting compilation of the most unusual products ever listed on it.

 10 Weirdest/Strangest Products Ever Sold On Kaymu

1.      1. iPhone Home Button Panty:

They say that a man’s phone is an extension of his personality..well almost. Why should underwear be restricted to humans only? iPhones need them too - Voila the iPhone panty cover for the home button - and of course it is available in both male and female versions.

 2. Facebook Perfume

Ever wondered what Facebook smells like? Well the Facebook perfume for sale on Kaymu can help you smell exactly like that. What’s more, this perfume is for both men and women and can make for an amazing present as well.

3)Butt Lift Shorts

Suffer from a chronic case of no-visible-butt syndrome? Have no fear, Kaymu has just the thing for you ladies. A pair of magic shorts which can be used to lift your butt so they can be a few inches closer to that of J'Lo's famous rump without plastic surgery!

4. Ant Egg Oil
Ant eggs are more often viewed as a nuisance than a cure but did you know that ant egg oil can help remove unwanted hair from your body? We didn’t either. But who wouldn’t like to forego all the pain brought about by waxing or epilation with a simple oil massage?

5. Breast Enhancer

Why should boys have all the fun? The internet is full of products that are designed to enhance a certain err male appendage. But women can use a breast enhancer for a similar purpose - to enhance their breasts a la Pamela Anderson.

6. Nose Lifter
 If you’ve always envied people with a strong, acquiline nose, then a natural nose lifter is just the thing for you. It can help transform your nose from blunt to nobly sharp. Just using it for three minutes a day can help you gain a firm, noble nose.

7. Bike Umbrella

 A sturdy umbrella to conquer the strong gusts of wind on a stormy day is just what you need when the showers come down and you don’t have a covered vehicle to seek refuge in. In fact, you can avoid a trip to your doctor’s if you’re armed with this umbrella. Weirdly useful isn't it?

8. Grenade Shaped Lighter

 Create a splash by lighting up with flourish with a  grenade shaped cigarette lighter. Of course this may be slightly alarming for those around you, but you’re sure to grab eyeballs aplenty with this uniquely shaped lighter.

9. Gangnam Style mp3 player
  If you’re sick of your ipopd, you may want to trade it in for an mp3 player with Psy’s imagery all over it. Especially if you’re a big fan of Gangnam style - nothing screams ‘Gangnam style’ than an mp3 player with this embossed on it.

10. Cellulite Massager

Everybody needs some tender, loving care. Even cellulite! The cellulite massager available on Kaymu does that AND more, including prevention of accumulation of fat and orange skin too!

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