Now That I Got Two Job Offers, I Am Confused


It is about 5 years I completed my NYSC here in Lagos and since then I have been so uncomfortable with my life. I studied Physics & Electronics and Master’s degree from State and Federal institutions. I have been teaching Physics, Mathematics, Further Maths, and Chemistry from private home teaching to private schools to sustain myself since 2012. 

It has never being easy but as a Christian I keep my hope in God. I have spent a lot of money on attending conferences, travelling, tests, interviews, and scholarship applications for Ph.D abroad.

Now, I am to resume work in an engineering firm as a Technical/Product sales engineer with a car next month. Same day, a school offers to employ me as further maths subject teacher with a self-contained accommodation. The confusion now is that the school offers 80k/month while the sales job is 60k/month plus commission on each sale. My highest pay so far per month is 32k.

Dear Moderator, I'll be grateful if my post is on the front page.

I will appreciate your contributions. Thanks a lot.  

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