HELP: I'm Deeply In Love With My Boss!!!


We all need help on one issue or the other, so also is Brave247, a nairalander who needs your help on how to tackle his ‘dreams and aspirations'. Read his post below..

I seriously don't know how it started but all I can say is I love my boss. I started working with this travel agency recently and there is this charming lady I always meet anytime I have issues with a client and we solve it together, so in the process of tackling these problems together I will always tell her she's looking beautiful and all.

One day, a client came with her daughter to book flight, while the woman was with this my boss I was having a light chat with her daughter but I never knew that my boss was watching me, after the whole booking she was like "so I'm toasting that woman's daughter abi, in fact all guys are the same'.

She kept on talking about it and stuffs like I have guts, my voice sounds like a flirt's own( I do it on purpose though).

I arrived my office one fateful morning and greeted all my colleagues then a colleague of mine that I seem to be having a crush on told me that my boss told her that me and my colleague are having a crush on each other and that we are always hugging ourselves everywhere, later my boss left her office and came to our office then I purposely started flirting with
that my colleague to see my boss' reaction and she repeated that same statement again.

Now I dreamt that I saw my boss in my dream and we kissed, lol. The problem is that she talks too much (make no go cast me for my other ogas front in case I wanna make any move) and she's older than me maybe with 3 or 4 years or 2 self
and she's a big and classy lady, she get ride sef while me still de trek.

I'm just so confused because I hate it when I love someone and I can't
express it or tell it to the person because she's my boss.

Please I need you guys to advice me, I don't know what to do.

Personally I think he is having his wildest dream.. *just thinking

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