And, Do You Know That You Are A Leader?


BANG! All of a sudden you hit jackpot! What next? This is the day you have been dreaming of - every day and night. The thought of it alone has been the propellant, the grease that oils your elbow whenever it drops down in weariness. Unbelievable, you cannot believe what your eyes are seeing! Sure, you’ve dreamt about it, alas it plays out like a dream now that it is becoming a reality.

In the midst of the wild jubilation's that follow (of friends, families, fans and of course, your tireless teammates) you felt SOMETHING! A strange wind flushes through your face and somehow turns your blood grey or is it black!? In the twinkling of an eye you get disinterested in all that is going on around. Not that you are not happy but you just cannot grasp fully the fact that the paper that will turn you into a multi millionaire has been signed; the deal that will change you into a celebrity, turn the tides of your blossoming professional career has just been finalized! Oh! sweet moving memories rush into your mind with a great surge and before you know it, tears roll down your cheeks.

Oh, sweet moving memories - you remember as if it were yesterday how you begged for your first spot in that movie, how you cried when you were walked out of the office again and again and again. It’s still fresh, the numerous nights you slept with hunger pangs in the belly. Hmm, it is all over now! You were resolute, your mind was set on success and it pays off, for now you have broke even. Bang, it is no jackpot but an aftermath of hard work.

In the span of a few hours, the party is over; you begin to adjust to the life of a celebrity. The initial abashment is over. You begin to brace up to the reality of being a public person! Your picture now flanks the front page of popular newspapers as the media hovers all over you. The initial abashment is over. You are on top of the world - seems to you, you hold the world in the hollow of your palms. Do they not say that the reward of labour is always sweet, enjoy the fruits to the fulness bro!

Well, permit me to have a little talk with you. I must however caution that I may spoil your mood a bit. Just a bit, I promise. The truth they say is sometimes bitter but someone must tell the truth. Yeah, someone! Oh, I know, I know, that you are familiar with being called a star, a celeb, a hero, a talented fellow….. But do you know that you are a leader? No, you say, I know I’m a musician, an instrumentalist, a footballer; I’m just a professional in an organization. You can call me a chap, or something cool, but not a leader! Common, you grumble still, I’m no pastor neither am I a politician therefore Mr. Writer, you can’t sell that idea to me, I am no leader.

Well, I do not blame you. The society sets values and definitions but friend may I remind you that everything is changing-even traditions. You might have read in the dictionary that a leader is a person who leads or command a group, organization or country. You stuck with that and luckily enough, you see yourself way out of that bracket. You do not lead any group; you have no organization, blab blab blab.

To tell you the truth, I am of the opinion that in this new age, with the advent of the social media and all, a leader is more than that. I think a more modern definition should be - a leader is one who influences a set of people in whatsoever way, positive or negative. With this definition, it means entertainers, social commentators, musicians, comedians and the rest are in the bracket of leaders! Don’t get it twisted!

You are a leader and a successful leader at that and friend you need to understand that leadership comes with responsibility. A huge responsibility! You are a leader influencing tens of thousands of youths and young adults alike. They are watching the way you dress, talk and walk. They are studying your lifestyle and don’t be surprise a dozen or so wants to be your exact prototype. Can you now see through the glasses I’m looking from? You are a leader; perhaps more popular than the local pastor or even an elected fellow in the House of Representative.

Friend, I do not know what you term success - Is it just about raking in millions of naira by the seconds or winning recognitions, awards and accolades year in year out? I do not know, I do not know, but this day, I confront you with the words of Martin Luther – “do not think (only) of what you will take out of society but what you will give.” It is what is given that differentiates a star from a legend. Dare to be a legend! Be conscious of the fact that you are a leader, leading a number of people that human measures might not be able to quantify. More to it is the fact that you might never see or hear from them - for feedback. Therefore fellow, I implore you to be conscious of your every step not because you are trying to build an ‘image’ of your real self but because you are aware of the thousands that could go astray if you ere. Remember, a leader’s sin is a leading sin!


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