Will Kim Kardashian's "Great Idea" Improve Twitter Usage?

Twitter might have just gotten a knock or a pint of advise from the screen goddess who is an ardent user of the site with 33.8 million followers. Kim Kardashian on Sunday "advised" the micro-blogging site on how to make the platform more accessible to its users by adding an 'edit feature'. Continue after the cut.
According to her...

“I just emailed Twitter to see if they can add an edit feature so that when u misspell something u don't have to delete & repost. Let's see...”
 Just immediately Twitter founder and interim C.E.O. Jack Dorsey "called her suggestions a “great idea” adding that the social media network is “always looking at ways to make things faster and easier.“

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 With this new 'great idea', I do hope twitter will be better. What do you think?

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