He Caught His Boss Making Love To The New Secretary; Is He Safe?

This nairalander needs your advise on something bothering his mind. continue after the cut.
I encountered an act in the office some days back and since then it seems things have taken an awkward turn in my office.

I work in an organization as an assistant consultant, which by implication makes my office very close to my boss who is the senior consultant in our department.

On a fateful Friday after work, I decided to stay behind in order to tide up some office works. After about two hours, I started hearing some strange moans/voices coming from the office directly opposite which happens to be my oga's office. I was curious so I decided to take a look to see what's going on, when I got to the door, I didn't hear any voice so I thought maybe it was my imagination. I gently pushed the door expecting it to be locked only for the door to open and lo and behold my boss was banging our newly employed secretary on his office table. our both eyes jammed, I stood frozen for some minutes (I guess) before I heard his voice "Young man what are you looking for in my office?"

Since that event things have been very awkward between me, my boss and the secretary. ( Don't know what to do).

Whats your advise to him?

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