Film Review: Boys Over Flowers By Onome Pearl Oraka


Yesterday, over 5 years after its release, I finally completed the Korean series film "Boys Over Flowers". I watched it in two days. My observations:

1. The film was annoyingly long. Each episode ran for an hour and there were 25 episodes. It seemed the producers think people don't have anything to do again in life. There were also too many "flashbacks".

2. The food in the film was too much. Maybe Koreans like food, I don't know, but haba! I don't know if they want to promote a culture of gluttony. My stomach was just making strange noises all through.

3.I don't know why Korean love movies are usually laden with pity. I have watched a few others. If I were to cry in one scene, fine. But to make someone cry almost throughout the movie is just wicked. If you feel like really crying, watch "Endless love" another Korean movie. You will cry for days.

4. Kiss. This one is really annoying. They can glorify kiss as if its one big thing. From scene 1 to almost 7, one boy was just trying to kiss one girl. When they finally kissed it was fake and they made it long as if they will go to heaven through that process.

5. I don't know why the lead actress is always nice, weak and poor. Its tiring really.

On the whole though, it was a decent movie, there were nice clothes, I loved the facial expressions of the actors, and I have a crush on Lee Min Ho! :)

Image Credits: Kdra

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