#Article: Bad Governance, A Consequence Of Reading Deficiencies In Africa By Com. Bolutife Olayemi (Impact)


Source: Ibtimes

"My people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge", quote, Holy Bible. Over a century ago, African nations has been lacking and suffering of good leadership because of the high illiteracy level that surface the land and citizens of a African nations. Most of the problem we are facing today in Africa are human affairs and management problems.

We lack the ability to manage and control tallents, skills and 'citizens intellectual capital capacity'. African lack the credibility to manage human most critical human affairs due to the lack of inadequate information gathering. In today's competitive global world african nations must imbibe the spirit of readership. Most of the challenges that befall African nations are the lack of reading. Lack of ad equate information have make most African leaders to lack capacity for effective leadership. 

Countries with high-poverty, and high corruption rate can be attributed due to the lack of adequate resourceful information in there public domain. Poverty of the mind of African people can be traced to the lack of citizen personal information gathering. Getting strategic key Information will be the critical success factor of today public leader occupying political positions. Imbibing the spirit of readership will help African nations to triggers the growth of change and provide a good quality public governance for there people. Get a book today to get informed. " If you are not informed you will be deformed"

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