8 Types Of People You Will Find At A Newspaper Joint


We all know that visiting a newspaper joint is one of the most interesting place to be at times coz of some crazy people and their hilarious persona over there. I have visited so many newspaper joint and here i am today to give you the list of the types of people I’ve met at the joint, grab your bottle of orijin as you roll with me.

1 The Buyers

These are the categories of people that are there to buy the newspaper and get out of there in peace, the gat no time to argue or exchange words with anybody.

2 The Free-Readers

Without these sets of people in the joint, then the joint is incomplete. Their mission is to come and read for free, at times you can even find them at the joint before the arrival of the vendor, the usually take 70% of the population.

3 The Football Freaks

These sets of people are always easy to recognize, all you need to say is “Up Chelsea!!!”, that is their remote control. if you love yourself, don’t just badmouth their clubs or else! you know the rest.

4 The Politics Freak

Barcanista, how far na temitemi, how ur ministry? I’m sure the people in the politics section will understand why I’m hailing them. Their persona in real life is the same as their E-persona.

5 The I Too Know(s)

These are the sets of people i love listening to whenever i visit the joint, talk about football, they will put mouth, talk about politics, they are not left behind, talk about celebrities, dem sabi all of them, you will just be wondering if their brain has been replaced with a transistor radio.

6 The Confused Ones

The main reason why these sets of people are always at the joints is because of the crowd, they will keep on stretching their necks like giraffe just to see what others are looking at. Then they will be like “Uncle, shebi this is the Davido that sang: I dey kill mosquito well well?” And you will be like no be only mosquito you kill, na churcquito 

7 The Arguers

These sets of people will never believe or admit that they wrong, what they believe is that all what they are saying is the right one and you can never convince them. They can argue for several hours without getting tired, you will even think their argument will lead to fight but it can never.

8 The Pick-pocketers

Hmmm. . . I hail ooo. . . One of their quotes which i love most is “Dem no be thieves but if dem pass, something go lost” from that quote, you should be able to define them.

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