How To Know A ‘Runs Girl’ In Nigerian Universities!


If you are looking for quick bleeping (please, be wise!), you can go ahead and get yourself hooked to a runs girl for all I care. But if you are looking for a nice, ambitious, focused and omiemieristic young woman, then you should observe the following traits of a runs girl, who might just be out there to ruin your entire career and get your whole life messed up!!!

1) A runs girl hardly talks about the future as regards her academic pursuits! 

By their fruits, ye shall know them How can you claim to be an undergraduate, yet you frown and feel uncomfortable when you discuss with a young man on a date? What would she want to discuss with the guy then? 

Should it be se.x or how jump from one night club to the other? If you go out with a girl on a date and she frowns at the slightest hint of study, quiz, assignments, exams, research, etc, run away from her! The possiblity that she is a runs girl is very high! Chai!!! Unu ge gbum mmadu 

2) If she goes on a date with you, observe her responses carefully 

The truth is that, she doesn’t want to engage in any intelligent conversation with you. Gush! Intelligent conversations that deal with life’s reality bore her a lot. She is just interested in how much you are ready to give her and where and how soon the bleeping would take place! Run boy, and don’t forget to write a ‘thank you’ letter to me .

3) Watch her movement in school 

They are mostly on and off. They travel a lot…to Lagos to bleep Tomide…to Onitsha to bleep Dike…to Zaria to bleep Haruna…to Warri to bleep Chief Omiragua . They are hardly found on campus during weekends except they have ‘clients’ in town!

4) They look very expensive all the time 

Though they might be very cheap! As cheap as 500 naira per round! Don’t let their brazilian hairs, expensive communication gadgets (phones, ipads, etc), make-up, artificial nails and eye-lashes deceive you! They are all fake! Try to go see dia papa house; na zinc house! 

5) You hardly visit them and meet them studying 

When would they have time to study when they are busy sending unclad pics to their clients and negotiating meeting points and oloshoristic visits!

6) They always use near-unclad pics as their display pictures on social networks 

Those pics where their big butts, boobs and laps are revealed flagrantly! All these are done to sell ‘market’. No decent girl does that.

7) They are the ones that bleep those pot-bellied and goatee lecturers that look like Victor Osuagwu in other to pass exams! No decent girl who is intelligent and knows what brought her to school would do that.

We all know some gurls can pretend to be decent, but the above are clear signs you should watch out for!

God bless everyone reading this post!
Feel free to Add yours. 

Credits: Naijaloaded

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