Back In Time - James Ademuyiwa


Here is another poem off  "James Ademuyiwa's'' Shelf. Read and enjoy.
In time 

Back in time,
There was war in my village
A good war that gave us lives
One that united brothers afar

Back in time,
We were saved with vocal swords
Shielded by armor of unity
As we watch disparity die young

Back in time,
Sages would become poor
And get rich at heart for posterity
As they live by all men one right

Have You Seen Soul's Voyage?

Back in time,
Tears were meant for joy
Some for missing and wishing
For sorrowful tears had no name

Back in time,
Biafra sets in like morning
Went like elongated night
But then, we had a bad peace

Now, in this time,
What name is our peace?


Image credits: Gregnwoko
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