5 Ways To Read More Books


One of the goals I’ve set for myself this year is to read more books. I say this to myself very often and sadly do not go through with it all the time. But since this is a goal worth striving for, I went searching for solutions to get myself motivated to read more and reach my goals.

It’s a new month and I intend to take this more seriously. If reading more books is what you desire, then I’m sure these 5 points will help you achieve your goal:

1. Keep Track of What You Want to Read

It’s one thing to have a goal to read more, its another to actually know what you want to read. Do you want to read motivational books, recipe books, how-to books or fiction books? Write it down and grow your collection of books. This way, you’d be prepared to increase your library and also in a proper frame of mind for reading.

2. Set Up A Space To Read

Pick a room free from loud distractions and set up your reading sanctuary. Find a comfortable chair in a well lit room or one outside in your quiet compound. Most important, don’t hide that book away in between reading sessions. Leave it out in the open to keep it at the top of your mind.

3. Make It Easy: Have it handy on your device

Thanks to technology, you don’t always need to hold a ‘book’ in your hand to read a book. There are so many apps on your phone that occupy your time. Why not make reading just as handy. Apps like Pocket and Readability are only a couple that let you keep some e-books ready on your phone.

4. One Book At A Time

Don’t waste your time trying to multi-task between books. You may end up not completing any. My rule is that I should continue reading one book until I finish it, or decide to quit it entirely. Putting one book on hold to start another just crowds your to-do list.

5. Set A Specific Goal

Write down or have a mental note of how many books you want to read, how fast you want to read them and what format you want them in. This helps you keep track of your progress and brings you back on track when you derail.

So, do you have a reading goal this month/year? How do you plan to achieve it?

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