Nigeria's 'Ogas At The Top' Show Makes CNN List Of “8 must-see African shows you NEED to watch”

CNN’s weekly feature column, African Voices have listed out “8 must-see African shows you NEED to watch”, and listed in that compilation are 2 Nigerian shows I of Africa and one that many of us are familiar with, Oga At The Top.

 I of Africa according to CNN is a show “From Aina Fadina, a Nigerian born/American raised fashion model comes “I of Africa” — a web series celebrating all things African from a global perspective. So far, she’s produced two seasons of one-on-one interviews with entrepreneurial creatives. ” Ogas At The Top as some of you already know is political satire series with puppets depicting some prominent political figures in Nigeria including President Goodluck Jonathan. It was created by the same team who launched the popular THE XYZ SHOW in Kenya.

Other shows listed in there are The White Folks in South Africa, and African City – a show from Ghana that has been described at the African Sex and The City. Love the fact that some of these somewhat under the radar

Source: Jaguda

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