I found this piece interesting and inspiring. Courtesy Gospel city Naija. Read it through and learn from it.


Okay, let's do this just for fun...there is a lesson to learn though...


 1) 'IGWE' by Midnite Crew Vs 'Igwe' by Dbanj


The two songs were released the same year but while Midnight Crew are still getting paid to minister their version and their song is still popular, Dbanj's version is dubbed 'old' and people expect him to come up with better music...so much pressure on him.


2) Don Moen Vs Patrick Adams


Don Moen was born in 1950 and is a gospel artiste who is still relevant and travels around the globe year in and year out to minister to people from one generation to the other...We enjoy his music. Our parents enjoyed his music. Our kids will enjoy his music ...Patrick Adams is a Disco/Soul/Boogie musician that was born in the same year but just like most people won't know him, much is not known of him...especially after his generation that knew him...

This comparison is just to draw our attention to the truth that what we do for the gospel remains timeless... The gospel doesn't become 'old skool' anywhere or anytime, even in music...it stays relevant through the ages because it ministers...

Secular songs are prone to become 'old skool' and thrives on whomever is the rave at the moment...those who are no longer 'current' usually starve or become irrelevant to a large extent...
Little wonder some female artistes who are losing popularity resort to "Lady Blabla Goes Topless" stunts to get people talking about them again and send a negative influence into the minds of people
No gospel artiste that stays true to 'His' calling will lose relevance. And they don't have to pull stunts to stay relevant...God Almighty takes care of all that.

The deep peace that comes with doing God's will can never be compared to the irrational gimmicks people pull just to rise and stay 'current' when they leave God out of the talents He gave them
Are you a musician? What you have is a gift...Your talent will do best when it helps humanity become better just as your Giver intends...

When you want to horde it and use it for your selfish needs alone, ofcourse you will have to try to make it work for you and try to stay relevant by any means you can...

Get free from all that weight and pressure... Use your gifts to edify humanity as your Giver wills

Image credits: Ministryfeeds

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