Article: Where Is The Place Of Our Churches? Adenekan (@Mayourspeaks) Mayowa


Waking up this morning I just kept thinking about what our churches have become, I might not be your friend anymore after you must have read this article. I’m very ok if we stop being friends than me dieing an hyprocrite.

First to let you all know, I’m a born again christian infact born into the house of Ministers in One of the top Churches in Nigeria. I am writing this article just to express what I feel about the uncalled for issues Going on in the House of God.

Church in Nigeria has been seen to be a business Centre, Some term it to be (Church Business), I am pouring out my mind because I was breathe in the house of God, I have mingled and dine with Pastors,Leaders and Ministers in the House of God. I have seen the Good leader and the opposite leader.

Church has stopped being what its ought to be, A lot of Pastors and Ministers that Springs forth this days discourage People like Me and you who are still struggling to dwell in the House of God, have you not seen a Pastor who embezzled Church Funds?

Have You not seen a Pastor who commits adultery with his church Members?..


I need you all to be observant, a lot of Pastors are now fully involve with POLITICS, Get me right I haven’t said Politics isn’t Good; Infact christians should be involve in Politics because we have the right to lead, But a Pastor who leads shouldn’t  be found canvassing Votes for a Particular Party or Particular Aspirant.

Pastors now see vision of who to win elections and who not to win elections all in the name of Money. Let’s Talk about church Politics Proper, Do You know in some churches now if you are not financially alright you can’t be ordained as a Pastor? Do You Know you have to Own a Car to be a Pastor? Hypocrite Nature has taken over the House of God.
Pastors and Ministers Now Form Caucus, If you are a broke Pastor am sorry your senior pastors don’t wana relate the progress of the Ministry with you.

Note: You are free to Block me after reading this article because I know a lot of people with dislike @Mayourspeaks after this Piece.

We now have Pastors who feels annointing is by Your Bank account, Omomayowa have seen a lot in the house of God and I have learnt a lot.


Its no longer a news that Most churches now have a Private University of their Own, Its really a Good thing and I Love the development but the question is, How Many Members of the So called Church can afford to send there child to the School? 

We are made to know that the church was built with our tithes and offerings, But why on earth is it that most of us can’t afford to send our kids to those private schools established by the church we pay our tithe to regularly.


I keep asking myself that question…


The Role of Welfarism is dead in the Christiandom, What we now have is some set of people sitting down and packaging 2 cups of rice, 1 cup of beans and Garri to give out to the less priviledge in the church, Please Friends, is that what they need?
Welfarism is Gone, I will want to share a true life story of me, Sometime in my 200level days. I could not afford to Pay My school fee, So on a Long run I wrote to my church for rescue, I called my Pastor to explain the situation of things to Him ( Friends Possibly tomorrow my pastor will send me the 15,000 naira I needed then ). To cut the story short an unbeliever Paid My Fee that year.

Where is the TITHE and OFFERING?

I’m not writting to condem any church or body of christ, But the temple of God is beyond let’s Pray and Dance.. I stand to be corrected at all time, Churches Now Preach Prosperity Often than Salvation, Pastors now preach giving of tithe often forgeting to Lead by example.

I will Rest My Case For Now, I’m Adenekan Mayowa @Mayourspeaks on Twitter.. Serve God with LOVE.

Image credits: John MacArthur

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