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It’s hard to read a girl’s mind and know what she really wants in life, but there are certain things every 20-something girl wants in life. When you are in your 20s, you need to adopt many important habits and get rid of old ones. You need to set your life goals and think of the ways to reach them. You need to learn how to take smart decisions and take responsibilities.

In fact, there are many things every woman should do before she turns 30, but these 12 are just some of the most desirable things every 20-something girl wants in life.

12 Things Every 20-something Girl Wants In Life

1. Freedom

Most 20-something girls want freedom. They want to live alone and do everything they want to do. They have listened to their parents for years and now they want to be independent. They want to date any guy they like without worrying that their mom or dad can say something bad to him. A 20-something girl wants to enjoy this life to the fullest before she becomes a mom.

2. A well-paid job

In order to be independent we need money. Every 20-something girl wants to find a well- paid job. Even if she has a good job, she is trying to find a better one, or at least dreaming of it. When looking for a well-paid job, a 20- something girl pays attention to the stuff and employer, because she doesn’t want to have a strict boss. Freedom is priority for her.

3. Love

Every girl dreams of finding Mr. Right but often find Mr. Wrong. A 20-something girl wants to have a serious relationship. She wants to love and be loved. Love is not a top priority for her, which is why it’s so hard for her to find a good guy and start a serious relationship.

4. True friends

While we all want to have true friends, a 20- Something girl is just looking for them. When you are in your 20s, it’s difficult to see fake friends, especially when you have lots of friends. A 20-something girl has to deal with toxic people more often than a 30-something woman, so she wants to finally find at least one true friend she can trust and share all her worries and secrets with.

5. Expensive things

20-something girls want to buy expensive things. Parents can’t afford to buy pricey things, and it’s absolutely okay. When we have a job and we live alone, we can afford to purchase at least one expensive thing a month or a year. When a 20-something girl has a well-paid job, she definitely want to buy expensive beauty products, gadgets, clothes and jewelry.

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6. Car

A busy 20-something girl wants to have a car to accomplish her tasks faster. She doesn’t have a
lot of time for commuting and she is trying to find some smart options. When you are in your
early 20s, you probably can’t afford a new car, so why not buy a used car? It’s a good option
and one of your dreams will come true.

7. House

Buying a house is not an easy thing. Some people can’t make this dream come true even in their 40s. A 20-something woman wants to buy a house and she works hard to reach this goal. She believes in herself and she believes every woman should have her own house in order to be independent.

8. Garden

Most 20-something women want to buy a small or big house and have a small or big garden. They want to plant their favorite flowers and grow their own healthy fruits and vegetables. They want to maintain a garden for themselves and their children. Such a wonderful dream, by the way!

9. Children

Speaking of children, most women want to have children. It’s believed that women in their 20s don’t want to have kids. It’s actually a wrong belief. Every woman wants to be a mother, even if she never talks about it. The problem is, a woman should do so many things before having a child that it’s hard to talk about children in her 20s.

10. Volunteer

A 20-something woman wants to help others and she does everything she can. She enjoys volunteering whenever she has free time. When she doesn’t have time to visit shelters, she makes donations or feeds stray animals. She believes volunteering makes this world a better place to live in.

11. Pets

Yes, pets. Pets can make your life happier and you will never feel lonely when you have a furry friend at home. An independent and single 20-something woman wants to own a pet, but often she can’t do it because of her busy schedules. She will definitely make this dream come true in future, if she really wants it.

12. Travel

A 20-something girl wants to grow as a person. Discovering new places, learning about new cultures and meeting different people can help her to achieve this goal. Traveling is a great experience and its has many fantastic benefits. No wonder, most people enjoy traveling and spend lots of money on their trips. 

A 20-something woman wants to reach many goals and do many things. You may say that not
every 20-something girl wants these 12 things in life, but think again. You may not think about these things in your 20s, but I’m sure that you want to buy a house and a car, get a well-paid
job and travel around the world, don’t you?

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