When He Saw, His Past - Williams Danagogo


While surfing through FB as usual, I came across this inspiring work of art from "  a LEARNING poet".  And yes, For what really matter is the food not the size of the spoon. Check the article after the cut...

When he saw, his past

He said i quote'
I remember...
How it all stArted
On my cambridge thoughts
I wrestle with knoweldge

With a bear foot of mistakes
Ocean of words,i swim twice
I add a letter to it,to make trice
On my way to learning

I fell twice on a feet of
I failed on the stormous examples
I remember...
How i tucked concentration

On my helmet brain
Drilling sweat cant penerate my understanding
I had to virualize with great enthusiasm
Don't ask me why?

I fold my knee to forcast my future
Like my present need to feature
No nonsense held me to a stay
I plus my gain on my losses

Believing like a farmer to its plant
I had to waste my utilize time to climb as often I fall
Potenially shape my sizes
from a carrot to a full cumcumba
Ritually I succum my sense to a bleeding strife

All I have was leftover words
Smelling me to deep my stick
Paint my clouds to that awaiting raining day
For what really matter is the food not the size of the spoon.
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Written by  "a LEARNING poet" , Williams Danagogo.

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