#Weddings: Can This Be True Love? ........ 24yrs Old Model Marries 81yrs Old Billionaire


Some ladies come to this world just to enjoy and go back, simple! And Cathy Schmitz, a German Playboy model is one of such ladies. She succeeded in warming herself into the heart of Austrian 81-years-old billionaire, Richard Lugner.
The man is 57yrs older than her, a confirmed grandfather, but Cathy is not bother. She said: “We did not intend to fall in love. It just happened. Love knows no age.” lols!

On his path, the billionaire who is getting married for the 5th time, said he has finally found the love of his life. In his words: “Hopefully, this time it’s the right thing.” Hmmm…right time, indeed!

Check out the photos from their expensive wedding below:

Happy married life to the newly wedded couple....... lol

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