#Tech: New Pictues Of Windows 9 Leaks Online + Start Menu Returns


 New pictures of  Windows 9 - Microsoft’s next operating system, leaked on the internet on Thursday. The rumored Windows 9 of Microsoft inc; is expected to arrive September 30, with a developer preview arriving on that day or shortly after, and the finished OS expected to appear in the first quarter of 2015. continue after the cut....
The Windows 9 appears to have significant changes from the Windows 8, with the return of the start menu, Modern UI apps running on the desktop, notifications center, virtual desktops and more.

It appears that Microsoft have taken users back to the days of early Windows, as the tiled screen will be taken off.

Windows 9 is being designed to adapt to the hardware it’s running on – traditional PCs will have the desktop and no Start screen, while tablets will have the Start screen and no desktop.

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