#Tech: LG Caught Trolling Apple’s “BendGate” With An iPhone


As alot of Apple’s competitors continue to troll the iPhone 6 “BendGate” problem, but LG got owned in an attempt to promote its own smartphone while mocking the iPhone 6 plus.

LG USA Mobile got on with the trolling flawlessly, but in France, it was a whole different ball game.. and questions would surely be asked.

This is the French version below,

 Nos smartphones ne se plient pas, ils sont naturellement incurvés #bendgate
pic.twitter.com/ZoHdXyUWkU   — LG_France (@LG_France) September 25, 2014

In English, it is interpreted as, “Our smartphones don’t bend, they are naturally curved ;)”

The tweet appears to have been deleted but we have an image for you.

LG trolling the iPhone with an iPhone? Nothing could be more hilarious than this. 

Source: Techrez

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