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Ibadan-based music producer, Damilola Grand Aluko, otherwise known as Oluwateazer, is gradually making himself a known and respected factor in the music industry. The graduate of Economics from Lead City University believes his time to hit the big stage is fast approaching and would do everything possible to make his mark. He speaks with Chidi Emeka-Ben about his plans and music career.

As an upcoming beat maker, how long does it take you to produce a good beat?

For me, it does not take too much time but it also depends on the kind of song and the beat one is making. But basically, some take weeks while some may take just two hours.

Who do you think is the best producer in Nigeria currently?

Don Jazzy and Shizzy are the top producers in Nigeria today. These guys are not just beat makers they are also hit makers. Music production does not mean that you have made a great beat. The beat should be able to ignite something inside the artiste during recording and post production. I think Don jazzy and shizzy have these qualities. They have been consistent in making hits for years; they have always re-invented themselves.

Why did you choose music production?

Initially I was not really serious about it. I saw it as something that interests me a lot. After sometime, I discovered that I could do it better and I started making money from it. So, I decided to stick to it since it brings me money.

How have you been able to carve a niche for yourself with this?

With the help of the social media platforms, I have been able to market my beats online. It is even easier for me since a lot of my audience are always online surfing. You need to know how much people are looking for beats online, so when you are there to provide such service to them, you are not only carving a niche for yourself but also giving your audience what they deserve.

How many artistes have you produced beats for?

I have worked with diferent artistes like k2J, Phemmes, Eazy Tiger, Kenzo, Bukky, BBT, Kenz and lots more.

How encouraging has the business been?

It has been encouraging even though we are not making money like we should be doing.


 The artistes we work for are not financialy bouyant but we have to work for them so as to stay in the business. I believe that with time and help of God, money will come and my name will be known everywhere.

They don’t pay much but they take the glory at the end of the day, does that not bother you?

You are right. But my take is that if you are good at what you do and you are very consistent, you will also become an authority in what you do. Trust me, you will shine. Nobody is taking one’s glory. It is only lazy people who think like that.

Have you ever been a victim of this?

 Yes, but the thing is that no matter  how popular the artiste gets if the producer’s work is good he will also get his time or share of the glory.

What are the challenges you are facing as an upcoming producer? 

My major problem is that the Ibadan artistes are not ready to encourage the producers, they want everything to come cheap. This is why they are struggling to catch up with their colleagues who are making it big in the business.

Why have you not moved to Lagos which it is believed to be the hub of entertainment business in Nigeria?

I actually don’t have the intention of moving. I know Ibadan is dry for this kind of business but I know that with time things will change. Other cities also started like this so I believe that with time, Ibadan will get there.

What is your take on the entertainment industry?
The entertainment industry is really growing into a big, competitive league where various talents reside.

What are your plans for the next five years?

I would like to have my own entertainment/record label that will be well known across the globe and doing what I like to do best, which is making music beats and working hand in hand with great international producers.

Who are your role models?

My international role models are Dr Dre and Timberland. In Nigeria; Don Jazzy, Shizzy and Samklef.

You grew up in Tunisia, what was life like for a young mind?

Tunisia was a little bit difficult. It was difficult understanding their language and I was less educated back then. The language was just the major barrier.

Tell us more about the language barrier?

The main reason I didn’t find their language easy was because while I was there, I attended a French school. My friends at home were only speaking Arabic to me and my family were speaking both Yoruba and English with me so it wasn’t easy to flow with four different languages at a time and what I meant by less educated was that I was only learning languages, I wasn’t taught Mathematics, Agric, Economics and the rest.

Apart from beat making what else are you into?

I own a printing company where we print flyers, billboards, brochures and all, but I still have a whole book of plans on what to do. they’ll be coming up one after the other. I am also into picture framing and sales of portraits.

 You seem to like commercial beats, why?

Commercial music cuts across all genres.

Ok, is Teazer Single or married?

(Laughs) do I look married?.

I don’t know, that is why I am asking…

I am single.

Who is Damilola Aluko?

Damilola Aluko is my name and my stage name is Oluwateazer. I hail from Ilesha, in Osun State.  I hold a B.Sc in Economics from Lead City University.

Source: NigerianTribune

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