#WorldCup2014 - New Dictionary Word : What is a Mikel?


Lol... Nigerians can be so funny. I found this online and I decided to share it.... 

What is a Mikel?

1.  A Magician: He's right in front of you for 90 minutes, but you only get to see him for 30 seconds picking up a yellow card.

2.  A Mikel is a Nigerian Ferrari with the engine of a Picanto.

3. A Mikel is anything that has weight, occupies space, breathes but remains stationary.

4. A Mikel is a confused strolling object that has no focus. 

5. It is an SI unit for measuring deceleration, e.g the car decelerated by 2 mikel/sec.

6. The botanical name of a snail, Mikelis Obilis.

7. Anybody who can pass the ball but can't shoot, cross, head, or be creative. e.g, My grandma is a Mikel.

8. A mikel is that footballer who is allergic to goals. 

"What does Mikel mean to youA professor was asked and he has this to say":

1. A mikel can be define as a person/object that runs/walks/hops/strolls/jogs/crawl from one side of the field to the other, eg obi is a mikel.

2. IDIOM: /to be in a mikel with one/: to be tired, lazy, weak, refusing to be active, energetic , or just being lazy with a friend or lover etc.

What do you think of the new word just added to the English Dictionary? 

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