How To Fix BBM For Android Contact Display Picture Problem

One common problem BBM for Android and iPhone users encounter is the contact display picture disappearance. BBM users across the various platforms ( Android and iPhone), do  complain that they do not see the display pictures of their friends within their Contact, Chats and Feeds. Rather, it shows a blank avatar.

Some complain that their friends do not see their display pictures when they change them. At times, BBM contacts shows as PIN instead of  BBM profile names. 
The question now is:- 
a. How can a User send and receive BBM messages but Display Picture / Avatar of contacts won't show? 
b. Why will a user updates DP and it wont change nor show?
                                 What Might Have Caused The Problem?
 It can be due to Connection problem between the device and RIM / BBM's Infrastructure or because BBM  cache is filled. A device can be connected to BBM server but it needs to be refreshed almost every second.

                            How To Fix BBM Display Picture Problems

Follow the guidelines below to solve the problem.

1. Ensure you have the latest version of BBM for Android or iPhone installed on your device. 

2. Make sure you have a strong network connection if possible a strong Wi-Fi network to re-sync the app with the BBM server. 
3. Go to Settings > Apps > Manage apps and locate the BBM app. Tap on it and force it to stop (you can clear its data if you wish to).
4. Re-launch the BBM app.
When the BBM app is re-launched, it would have re-synced with BBM server and all Display pictures showing back.

That's it. Following the above post, all user / contacts Display picture problems would be resolved.

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